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They met at a club.

It wasn’t the swanky kind of club that those I-wish-I-were-rich types fought tooth and nail to get into, but it would suffice.  The place was cramped - not that it mattered, because everyone was all over everyone anyway - and it reeked of alcohol and sweat.  Music blasted through the small space, the bass up so high that the music itself got drowned out by the thrum of the speakers.

But the aesthetics didn’t matter.  The other attendees were the main attraction.

Everyone was drunk, and if they weren’t drunk, they were high, and if they were high, they were probably also drunk.  It was the lack of space alone that stopped full-on orgies from breaking out amongst the crowd; people kissed everyone, gyrated on everyone, put their hands up or down everyone’s clothes.  No one knew anyone else’s names, unless they were lucky enough to have met them prior to the party, and that’s what made the experience just that much better.

The club only started to clear out when groups of two, three, four, maybe even five trailed out to bring the party somewhere a bit more private.

People in the businesses that lined the street that this club took residence on joked that every Saturday morning, at the crack of dawn, the sidewalks were covered with zombies.  The partygoers were smart; they didn’t drive because they definitely wouldn’t have anyone sober to bring them home.  So they all walked, or, rather, stumbled down the street, words so slurred that it sounded like they were moaning, hundreds of stumbling, moaning people flooding the street.

But, every time, they’d all  be gone within the hour.

His mouth tasted like ecstasy and liquor.  If he wasn’t already drunk and high, he would end up in that state in no time, he was sure.

They didn’t even make it to the bedroom before Sehun had Lu Han pinned to the wall, grinding their hips together and savoring every last inch of Lu Han’s mouth with his tongue.  Every time Lu Han moaned into his mouth, he felt himself harden a little more, and he swore if it got to be too much he’d strip the both of them naked and take him right there in the hallway.

Sehun, more than a little entranced with the way Lu Han’s hard cock was rubbing against his own, got his fingers playing with the button on Lu Han’s jeans.  The button burst open and Sehun fought the zipper down, then tried to get his hand between the tight, coarse fabric and the swell of Lu Han’s dick.

“Nuh-uh,” Lu Han said in a low voice, panting hard.  “Read the fine print, first.”

“Fine print?” Sehun inquired, genuinely confused.

Lu Han lifted his shirt ever-so slightly and when Sehun looked, he saw it - in pretty script, adorned with ornate embellishments, a tattoo that read “My daddy will kill you” affixed to the pale white, freshly shaven skin just above his cock.

Sehun chuckled.  “Well, then.  I guess it’s a good thing I don’t know your daddy,” he said with a smirk.

“Daddy is my boyfriend’s nickname,” Lu Han said simply as Sehun moved to kiss his neck.  Sehun froze.  “He’s a tattoo artist.”  When Sehun pulled back, Lu Han smiled.  “He branded me, if you will.  Pretty, right?”

“You have a boyfriend?” Sehun asked.

“Why?  Does it turn you off?”  Lu Han feigned a frown.

“Will Daddy get mad if I suck you off?” Sehun asked, and Lu Han smiled again.  “He’ll only get mad if I fuck you, right?”

“I don’t know, Daddy’s pretty strict,” Lu Han said, his voice playful.  “He’d probably slit your throat just for looking at me.”

“What Daddy doesn’t know won’t kill him,” Sehun said, “but not being able to fuck you right now might end up killing me.”

“No, no, I don’t want to disobey Daddy,” Lu Han said, guiding Sehun’s hand underneath the soft fabric of his briefs.  As Sehun’s warm hand closed around Lu Han’s even-warmer cock, the latter of the two let out a deep breath.  “He won’t get too mad if you only suck me off, and I promise I’ll give you something in return.”

Sehun wasted no time getting to his knees, bringing Lu Han’s jeans down with him.  It was just about six a.m. and they could hear people waking up in their apartments, bustling about to go to work, but the only thing they cared about was cumming.  Anyone who desired to walk into the hall while they were getting their thrills would just have to deal with it.

Sehun took all of Lu Han into his mouth, every inch, almost enough to make him gag.  He clutched Lu Han’s thighs, humming as he tensed up and tried to thrust his dick further into Sehun’s mouth, but Sehun pulled off with a wet  pop and worked the shaft with his hand.

“That tattoo’s even nicer from down here,” Sehun remarked, and Lu Han managed to smile as he reeled in pleasure.  Sehun slowly slid his hand up the shaft and allowed his mouth to follow it, his tongue flat against the underside of Lu Han’s cock.  He bobbed his head back and forth, his hand mimicking his mouth, fingers squeezing the circumference of the base while he flicked his tongue across the slit.  Lu Han cursed, tangling his fingers in Sehun’s tresses, tugging just enough to give Sehun the hint that he wanted - no, needed - his mouth around his cock and he needed him to keep it there until he came.

“Don’t you dare stop,” Lu Han warned in a breathy whisper as Sehun started to bob again.  He shuddered as Sehun snaked a hand between his legs and tried to wriggle a finger inside of Lu Han.  Rendering himself unable to do so with dry fingers, Sehun pulled away from Lu Han’s dick only momentarily to spit on his fingers and try again.

With two fingers scissoring in and out of him, and Sehun relentlessly sucking and stroking his cock, Lu Han found himself pulling Sehun’s hair and moaning almost too loudly as he came.  Sehun slowed and Lu Han could feel his mouth tighten as he swallowed every drop of his release.

“You’re so hot,” Lu Han panted, dragging Sehun back to a standing position.  He kissed his abused red lips hard and deep, enjoying the bittersweet taste that lingered there a bit too much.

Lu Han unbuttoned and unzipped Sehun’s jeans and sunk his hand right into his underwear, cupping his hand tight around Sehun’s cock.  He tugged almost desperately at it, loving the lust-blown look in Sehun’s eyes as he quickened his pace.

His hand dragged over stiff veins and smooth skin that grew hot in his touch, and eager Sehun fucked up through the space between Lu Han’s fingers needily.

Lu Han could tell when Sehun was close; the quiet groans soon escalated to completely-audible moans, despite the fact that they were very much in public and risked getting caught at any moment.  None of that seemed to matter to Sehun, who pushed up Lu Han’s shirt and away Lu Han’s hand and finished himself off.

Lu Han laughed incredulously as Sehun shot hot ropes of cum across his tattoo, as if giving ‘Daddy’ a big fuck you.  “If Daddy ever knew you did that...” Lu Han said, amused.

“I don’t give a fuck about him,” Sehun said, panting.  He finally dragged Lu Han into his apartment, only to clean up and send him on his way.

“Where were you last night?” Jongin asked.

Lu Han smirked.  “Sorry I missed my curfew, Daddy.  You can punish me later if you want.”

eta a/n: tlist plot bunnies are the best plot bunnies :-)

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