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he always gets what he wants

he always gets what he wants

Don’t let the pretty face fool you: Lu Han is trouble.

We’re in public, in the middle of Disneyland, no less, but that doesn’t stop him.  It doesn’t stop him from holding my hand in that slow, sneaky way he always does, grazing my wrist with his fingers before he intertwines our fingers and squeezes tight.  It doesn’t stop him from casually following into stride behind me and putting his arms around me, across my chest, as if letting everyone know he’s mine, only I can hold him like this.  It doesn’t stop him from moving his hands to my shoulders and just barely rubbing them down my arms, making my skin prickle.

By noon, I can’t take it; when I’m around him I make desperate attempts to get away because once he gets that way, there’s no stopping it.  But when I’m away from him, all I can think about is where is he, how fast can I get back there, I don’t like it when he’s so far away, I need him.  He drives me insane but I couldn’t and wouldn’t do a thing to fix it.

He gives me the look, when we reunite, that says it all: “Follow me.”  So I do, and he leads us to the mens’ restroom.  Nothing and everything good can come from this.

There’s a person in there already, but he’s washing his hands as the sound of the  flush on the urinal slowly quiets.  Lu Han ducks into a stall and I awkwardly try and figure out what I should do - go into a stall?  Should I act like I need to wash my hands so I can keep an eye on the guy that leaves and make sure no one’s coming in behind him?  I go for the latter and squeeze soap into my palm, then turn the water on until it’s lukewarm and scrub them.  By the time the last of the suds go down the drain, the guy’s drying his hands and leaving.  Once he’s gone, I wait ten seconds to see if anyone comes into the bathroom before I knock on the door of Lu Han’s stall and he lets me in.

And he doesn’t just let me in, he drags me in by my collar and uses my body to close the door.  We only have about five minutes before the others start to wonder and come looking for us, so we need to work fast and Lu Han knows that because the moment my back slams against the stall door he’s on me and we’re kissing so frantically we actually bump teeth a few times.  Using what has to be pure adrenaline alone, I pick him up and turn him so he’s the one against the door, and I don’t even bother to undo the fastenings of his jeans before I start to struggle to pull them off of him.

He’s more slender than his jeans are, so they come off without too much of a battle and I’m more than thankful for that.

It takes mere seconds for the two of us to be almost naked and I pick him up again, swiftly reaching around him and slipping two hastily-wet fingers inside of him.  I’m scared of hurting him, because we have no lube at all, but he seems so intent and full of adrenaline himself that pain is a foreign concept to him  So I keep my fingers there then slide my cock past them until it’s too tight of a squeeze for my fingers and I pull them out, and he damn near purrs as I thrust up into him.

While I try to focus on the sounds he’s making, I have to keep my ears even more open to hear if anyone walks through the door.  The stall is shaking, almost like there’s been an earthquake, from the way we’re fucking against it, so if someone came in at that very moment, what we’re doing would be more than obvious and we’d be caught out before we could get dressed and say it was a misunderstanding.

But no one ever comes in, and it’s a good thing because Lu Han isn’t quiet, never has been and never will be, and he moans loud enough that it’s bouncing off the walls and reverberating back to my ears.  He digs his nails into my shoulder and breathes my name and tells me what he wants: harder faster fuck me fuck me don’t stop until I feel the muscles of his thighs tense in my hands and he’s suddenly quiet, almost holding his breath.  I wasn’t exactly close before but the sight of his beautiful face in the throes of passion gets me there, and he smiles lethargically as I finish inside of him.

Normally we’d spend a while stuck together like that, but given where we were and the fact that there were ten-plus people sat waiting for us and at risk for walking in and finding us like that, we cleaned up and got dressed and went to meet up with everyone.  Lu Han spent most of the walk back trying to correct the way he walked, hoping the way he was almost waddling wouldn’t give away what we’d done in less than five minutes in the mens’ room.

He always gets what he wants - but I guess I can’t blame him.  I’m always the one that gives it to him.

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